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Logstor is a globally recognised leader in providing pre-insulated pipe solutions for energy-efficient district heating and cooling systems. With over 50 years of operational experience, Logstor is dedicated to innovating solutions that significantly contribute to global energy efficiency, reduction in water loss, and minimisation of thermal energy losses. Known for their durability and performance, Logstor’s products are proof of their commitment to enhancing the sustainability of energy systems worldwide.

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Why PPC Partners with Logstor

The partnership between Proven Project Construction (PPC) and Logstor is built on a shared vision of advancing sustainable and efficient energy solutions. PPC, a key player in the UK’s district heating sector, seeks to leverage Logstor’s cutting-edge technology and proven track record to enhance its service offerings. This collaboration allows PPC to deliver superior district heating installations that meet the high standards of reliability and sustainability demanded by modern infrastructures.

How They Partner

The partnership between PPC and Logstor goes beyond mere product acquisition; it encompasses a comprehensive collaboration involving training, knowledge transfer, and shared expertise. A critical component of this partnership is the intensive training that PPC technicians receive at Logstor’s facilities in Denmark. This training ensures that PPC’s team is equipped with the latest installation techniques and deep insights into Logstor’s advanced energy solutions, enabling them to implement these technologies effectively within the UK market. This hands-on experience is vital for maintaining the high standards of installation and operational excellence that PPC is known for.

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Why PPC Thinks Logstor is Great

PPC values Logstor for several reasons, chief among them being Logstor’s unwavering commitment to quality and innovation. Logstor’s pre-insulated pipes are renowned for their ability to minimise heat loss, which is crucial in maximising the efficiency of district heating networks. Moreover, the robustness of Logstor’s products ensures longevity and reduces maintenance costs over time, making them an economically viable option for large-scale projects.

Logstor’s proactive approach to sustainability—demonstrated by its continuous efforts to reduce environmental impact—resonates with PPC’s own commitment to environmental stewardship. Logstor’s advancements in reducing the carbon footprint of their manufacturing processes and their products’ operational efficiency are key factors that PPC considers essential for a sustainable future.

Additionally, PPC appreciates the technical support and the innovation-led ethos that Logstor brings to the table. The ability to work closely with Logstor’s engineers and benefit from their pioneering research and development activities provides PPC with a competitive edge in the district heating market. This technical backing is crucial for PPC as it navigates complex project requirements and strives to meet the evolving needs of its clients.


The partnership between Proven Project Construction and Logstor is a powerful alliance geared towards redefining the landscape of district heating in the UK. By combining PPC’s local expertise and project management skills with Logstor’s innovative pre-insulated pipe solutions, this collaboration is set to deliver sustainable, efficient, and cost-effective heating solutions to a growing number of homes and businesses across the country. As they continue to work together, the partnership strengthens PPC’s ability to provide environmentally friendly heating options that contribute positively to the global goal of achieving Net Zero emissions.

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